From my University years I always had the chance of getting involved in an interesting variety of software projects as Main Developer, Analyst and Support Engineer, both in the professional way in the companies I have worked and in the personal way with the aim of learning more and get some extras. Below you can find a list with the most interesting projects I have participated:

  • [2011] MDEPacker - Executables generator to launch Microsoft Access databases as  standalone Windows applications.
  • [2011] TecDocExporter - Exporter from TecDoc automotive parts catalog to Magento Commerce catalog.
  • [2011] OPUS Terminal Container Terminal Operation and Maintenance.
  • [2011] Webmail RENFE - Corporate webmail system for National Trains Company RENFE
  • [2011] AG@TA v2 - Advanced Electronic Agenda – Junta de Andalucía (South Spain Government)
  • [2010 - 2011]  Electronic expedient processing - Junta de Andalucía (South Spain Government)
  • [2010] Hunting farms management - Junta de Andalucía (South Spain Government)
  • [2010] Regular transport for special use passengers and arbitration boards for transport management - Junta de Andalucía (South Spain Government)
  • [2009 - 2011] Prodetur web Portal - Seville Government
  • [2009 - 2011] Tourism Offices Intranet - Seville Government
  • [2009] Stock Management for Tourism Offices - Seville Government
  • [2009] WiFi Security - Junta de Andalucía (South Spain Government)
  • [2009] GPSScheduler - Geolocation of PIM elements in mobile devices

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